The New Baltic transline Office in Kaunas: Modern Style and Focus on Employee Satisfaction


Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary Next Year, UAB Baltic Transline, One of the Leading Transport Companies in Lithuania, Has Given Itself a Gift – a New Office in Kaunas.

“As we have been steadily growing for the last five years, and the needs of our staff have changed accordingly, we aimed at creating an attractive and modern working environment – that was the reason we kept looking for a spacious office that could comfortably accommodate an exponentially growing team of specialists. While searching for the right premises, we prioritized comfort in terms of their location and the possibilities to create an environment that would satisfy the Company’s needs,” – claims Mindaugas Veselis, the CEO of BTL Group.

The bureau in Kalantos 49 Business Centre hosts more than 300 employees of the corporate group that previously worked in different offices around Kaunas. The interior design of the new premises oozes industrial style and comfort, as employees have not only working space but relaxation, communication and collaboration areas at their disposal as well. The overall office space rented is 2.5 thousand square meters. It is dominated by open spaces, natural lighting and highly functional zones. We are pleased with the maximally effective arrangement of the office, an abundance of light and space as well as modern humidification and ventilation systems installed.

The working space of the office takes up four floors in total. There are 7 meeting rooms, a conference hall, 3 kitchenettes, a spacious dining room and a 300 m2 leisure area where people are encouraged to rest, communicate or play table tennis. A certain playfulness in the office is created by an ascending wooden construction of stair-steps on the fifth floor that become places to sit on during events or gatherings. The conference hall nearby provides a comfortable space for training, seminars and business meetings. What is more, our employees have a unique privilege to spend time on a private rooftop terrace overlooking the city. In addition, members of the staff can comfortably park their cars in 170 spaces allocated to them in a parking lot outside.

The results of the first semester of 2019 showed a stable tendency to grow, as the indicators increased by almost 30 percent, and the turnover of the first semester reached 65 million. Based on the current situation, it is evident that the present year will be even better than 2018 – one of the most successful years for the corporate group. An even more rapid growth, which is currently predicted, may be partially related to the new companies that have been incorporated in Poland and Germany.

In 2018, the turnover of the corporate group was 112 million euros. There are over 1260 employees working for BLT Group in total.



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